1. Candidly Unamerican
    Chief Skabel

  2. Corrupt Vision
    Corrupt Vision

  3. Dreaming of dying
    Bluebird Experiment

  4. Riot Sound System Vol.3

  5. Uno Solo
    Only One

  6. Broke, Brown, & Beautiful
    Lo Cash Ninjas

  7. Todo vuelve a su lugar
    The Füneral Coffee

  8. Bleeding me Dry
    Les Skalpés

  9. Demo
    Les Skalpés

  10. ¡Ustedes Son Una Enfermedad, Escoria Nazi!
    The Füneral Coffee // The Insomniac Collective

  11. The State vs The People

  12. #заканчиваймолиться
    Слотаный Понотаный

  13. Demo
    Слотаный Понотаный

  14. We are going to hell

  15. Misántropo
    Diego Trejo

  16. Attack from the safety zone E.P

  17. Promo
    Last One Standing

  18. INVERT Single

  19. Suspicious Conditions

  20. Belligerently Sexy E.P.

  21. War Hate Entropy

  22. Koala Mutant Fish Bird

  23. Demo
    Never Say I Can't

  24. Death... And Crime... And The Rage Of A Beast
    Shut Up Sidney

  25. Drunk Papa John Demo
    he Dead Finches

  26. Cheezus Crust
    Aluminum Redemption

  27. Ministry of Truth LP
    Big Brother

    Big Brother / Positive Junk

  29. What We Left Behind
    High Tension

  30. The Caffeine Addiction (Split)
    High Tension / Autistic Chainsaw / The Füneral Coffee / The Insomniac Collective

  31. Destrucción
    Broken System

  32. The Fresh Blossom
    Autistic Chainsaw

  33. Café de el Satan (demo)
    The Fünerla Coffee

  34. Loneliness is my crown
    The Füneral Coffee

  35. Contra el viento

  36. Unidos nos mantendremos

  37. El ser y la Nada
    The Bürdel zombye

  38. Demo

  39. Успех
    G.G. Nonsense

  40. Дешево
    G.G. Nonsense

  41. Tequila and Vodka
    Asian Terrör / G.G. Nonsense

  42. Human Trash
    Asian Terrör

  43. Anthropophagy
    Asian Terrör

  44. Asian Anal!
    Asian Terrör

  45. Action and Reaction
    Brainwash Victim

  46. Noise Complaint
    Noise Complaint

  47. Parasite
    Noise Complaint

  48. Fall Tour 2015 Mixtape
    The Insomniac Collective

  49. Sleep Deprived Love Songs
    The Insomniac Collective

  50. Riot Sound System vol.1

  51. Riot Sound System vol.2

  52. Sound in the City Vol.1


Satanic Geek Mafia Records Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico

born in 2012 as an independent record label (DIY) to support bands hardcore-punk-ska and crack rock steady between most genres, proving you do not need the big capitalist firms

since 2012 by making music 100% anti-politikill, anti-police, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia

Thanks for all the bands who have supported this
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